10th International Conference of Maritime Law

The Piraeus Bar Association and the Organizing Committee are happy to welcome you at the website of the 1Oth International Conference of Maritime Law. After repeated postponements, due to the unforeseen circumstances of the last two years, it has been unanimously decided that the International Conference is definitely scheduled to take place from 26th to 28th May 2022, cautiously anticipating the progressive remission of the COVID-19 pandemic. As it is already announced, according to the initial programming, the Conference was about to be held on the same year with the celebration of the centenary of the Piraeus Bar Association’s foundation (2021). However, symbolism still remains, since conducting this year’s Conference marks the beginning of the new centenary for our Bar.

The Organizing Committee of the 10th International Conference has opted for the physical presence of foreign and Greek speakers, with the aim of ensuring better coordination, on one hand, and the institution’s prestige and character as a forum of interactive scientific dialogue and fruitful exchange of ideas among practitioners, on the other. The participants will be able to join the conference in a hybrid way (either remotely or in person, at the venue where the event will be held).

The subject “Protecting maritime operators in a changing regulatory and technological environment” as well as the programme follow the original design, with certain individual amendments. Regarding the original essays which have already been submitted, these will be evaluated and three Young Maritime Prizes will be awarded. We really hope that all speakers, sponsors and participants will eagerly continue to support our International Conference.

Looking forward to welcoming you.

For the Piraeus Bar Association For the Organizing Committee
The President of the Board
Ilias I. Klappas
The President
Professor Lia I. Athanassiou



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