Souichirou KOZUKA

Prof. Souichirou KOZUKA is Professor of Law at Gakushuin University. In 1992 he finished his LL.B. studies at Tokyo University and until 1995 he was Research Associate to Prof. Seiichi Ochiai (Tokyo University). In 2007 he completed his Ph. D. in law, at Tokyo University.

His field of research is commercial law in general, with special interest in: distribution agreements, transport law, inclusive of maritime and aerial law, regulation of financial institutions, unification of commercial law, commercial space law. During the years he acted as correspondent of UNIDROIT, member of the International Bar Association (IBA), Associate Member of the International Academy of Comparative Law and Member of the panel of arbitrators for Tokyo Maritime Arbitration Commission (TOMAC) of the Japan Shipping Exchange.

He is a contributor to Principles of Contemporary Corporate Governance (2015), the author of The Bifurcated World of Uniform Law: The Uniform law of “Islands” and of “The Ocean” in Unidroit (ed), Eppur si muove: The Age of Uniform Law – Essays in honour of Michael Joachim Bonell to Celebrate his 70th birthday (2016, Unidroit, pp. 333–346), and editor and main author of Implementation of the Cape Town Convention and the Domestic Laws on Secured Transactions (2017, Springer). Among his recent publications there are also Strict Liability and State Indemnification under Japanese Law: The New Space Activities Act Compared with the Scheme on Compensation for Nuclear Damages (Zeitschrift für Japanisches Recht Vol.22, No.43, pp.3-20), Regulation of navigational satellites in Japan in Routledge Handbook of Space Law (Ram S. Jakhu & Paul Stephen Dempsey eds., Routledge, 2017, pp.309-312), The Emerging Legal Debates Around Japan’s QZSS (Inside GNSS, Vol.11, No.4, pp.39-43).


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