Maritime Conference - Introduction - History & Objectives of the Institution

The International Conference of Maritime Law is being organized by the Piraeus Bar Association every three years in the city of Piraeus from 1992 onwards. It falls within the context of the multifaceted and important work of the Piraeus Bar Association, which, since its foundation under Law 1866/1920 as a public law legal person, does not confine itself to the professional matters of its members, but it also creates appropriate conditions for the highlighting of matters concerning the legal world of the country, matters of protection of the democratic institutions, the protection of the environment, the promotion of the legal culture and the improvement of the political and social standards, the preservation of moral identity and the protection of the national integrity. 

The Piraeus Bar Association numbers in its ranks the majority of Greek lawyers involved in maritime law cases and members of the Hellenic Maritime Law Association. Besides that, it resides in the center of the maritime developments of the country, as the port of Piraeus is the main port of Greece and one of the most important ports in the Mediterranean. Within the Court of First Instance of Piraeus a maritime section has been established, which is competent for the settlement of the maritime disputes.

Thus, the launching of an initiative by the Piraeus Bar Association for the establishment of an institution of international profile, into which was developed the International Conference of Maritime Law, was considered to be an imperative need. Through this it is aimed to keep track of the development of the rules of private and public maritime law and of their implementation, to point out any eventual misinterpretations and imperfections, to indicate the appropriate solutions and facilitate the international unification of substantive law ruling the organization and the functioning of shipping.

The institution has already completed 28 years, during which nine (9) International Conferences have been held. In each of the events a modern subject is chosen carefully within the sector of Maritime Law, which is brought for research and scientific debate aiming at the quest of solutions to the issues arising in relation with the shipping market, as well as the promotion of the theoretical debate as a means of advancement of the science of Maritime Law. The participation of both Greek and foreign expert Speakers of recognized international prestige is of outstanding importance for the achievement of these goals.


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